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We can help protect and recover your investment.

We help litigate ponzi schemes, bank fraud, and professional or corporate negligence.

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Get the most back from fraudsters and ponzi schemers

Class Action Litigation

We set the bar high on class action litigation. We represent thousands of clients against the corporate giants.

Fraud Prosecution

Our attorneys fight to identify assets of fraudsters, extract and liquidate as much as possible so you can recover your lost investments.

Banking Fraud

The Bank Secrecy Act, FinCEN and the USA Patriot Act force banks to report suspicious activity and potentially criminal conduct.

Ponzi Scheme Fraud

Banks and other corporate entities may be used as a tool of fraud and bank officers may knowingly or unwittingly participate in a scam or scheme.

Fraud Articles

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What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is commonly described as “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.  The first investors in the scheme are paid with the money received by other (newer) investors. The newest investors usually lose everything when there are more assets being extracted from the scheme than are […]

Recover Your Assets

When we litigate a fraudulent claim we try to do two things:

1. Recover as much money as possible, if not the entire investment.

2. Try to make it impossible for the fraudsters to defraud other consumers.

We have been very successful in doing both things. We have brought ground breaking legal claims to become certified as class actions and received enormous settlements. In many cases we liquidate and recover stolen assets from the principals, banks and other cohorts involved in the ponzi schemes.
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